Purple Martin House


List of Material:      (All wood is 1" Pine)

A = (Qty 4) Floor 6" x 6"
B = (Qty 2) Front & Back 7 1/2" x 27"
C = (Qty 1) Top 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
D = (Qty 2) Side 6" x 27"
E = (Qty 4) Perch 2 3/4" x 6"
1 1/2" Finishing Nails and/or 1 1/2" #6 or #8 Flathead Wood Screws
White Exterior Paint
10-14 foot long 2" galvanized water pipe
2" (Qty 3) clamps or 2" floor flange

Cut Out Instructions for Wood:


(A) After cutting out the 4 Floor pieces, cut about 1/4" off of one corner of each piece. (For drainage)
(B) See Graphic for Front detail to drill the four 2 1/2" entrance holes. All holes are 3 3/4" from either side.
Locate the center of the first hole 2 3/4" from top, second hole 9 1/2" from top, third hole 16 1/4" from top, and fourth hole 23" from top.
The Back needs four 3/4" ventilation holes drilled. All holes are 3 3/4" from either side. Locate the center of the first hole 1" from top, second hole 7 3/4" from top, third hole 14 1/2" from top, and fourth hole 21 1/4" from top.
(C) After cutting out the Top, saw a kerf (about 1/8" wide, min) across the full width of all four sides, about 1/4" from the edges. (Drip Edge)
(D) (E) The 2 Sides and 4 Perches do not have any more cutting or drilling to be done.


It is best to use screws for the complete assembly for maximum strength. If nails are used, screws should be used to attach one side to allow cleaning out the old nests.

1. Attach the four Perches to the Front. Center each Perch 1" below the bottom edge of each entrance hole and parallel to the top/bottom.
2. Attach one Side to the Front. Make sure that the two pieces are aligned evenly at the top.
3. Refer to Graphic and attach the four Floors to the Front and Side. The bottom surface of the bottom floor should be aligned evenly with the bottom of the Front and Side. The bottom surface of all the above floors are located 6" above the top surface of the floor below it. There should be 6" from the top surface of the top floor to the top edge of the Front and Side.
4. Attach the Back to the Floors and Side.
5. Attach the other Side to the Front and Back using screws. It is not necessary to screw the Side to the floors as they are held in place by being attached to the Front, Back, and other Side.
6. Center the Top on the house (should be about 1" overhang on all four sides) and attach to Sides, Front, and Back.
7. Apply at least two coats of white exterior paint to the project, three coats are better.
8. Center and attach the Floor Flange to the underside of the bottom Floor or attach the pipe clamps and pipe to the Back.

Whenever the house is taken down for cleaning, it should be put back up with the entrance holes facing the same direction as before.
The house can be erected using 2" galvanized water pipe clamped and bolted to the back of the house or screwed into a 2" floor flange mounted to the bottom of the bottom floor.
The house should be about a minimum of 30 feet away from trees or buildings.