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Watching birds feeding in your backyard can be a very relaxing pastime. In this bird feeder project, you will use a piece of 8"-wide cedar lap siding to build a decorative feeder box and then mount it on a piece of scrap plywood. The birds won't mind the leftover building materials. And you'll like the bird feeder because it costs almost nothing to build. Even the plastic viewing window covers that you place inside the feeder box can be made with clear acrylic scrap left over from another project. To fill this cleverly designed bird feeder with seed, turn the threaded rod that serves as a hook so it is aligned with the slot in the roof. Then, simply lift up the roof and add the bird food.


Quantity Lumber
1 3/4 16 16" plywood scrap
1 3/4" 6' cedar stop molding
1 8" 10' cedar lap siding
1 1 2" 8' cedar
1 1"-dia. 3' dowel


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Cutting List
Key Part Dimension Pcs. Material
A Base 3/4 16 16" 1 Plywood
B Post 3/4 3/4 7 1/4" 4 Cedar
C Box side 5/16 6 7 1/4" 4 Cedar siding
D Ledge side 3/4 1 1/2 17 1/2" 2 Cedar
E Ledge end 3/4 1 1/2 16" 2 Cedar
F Roof panel 5/16 7 1/4 20" 2 Cedar siding
G Ridgepole 1"-dia. 20" 1 Dowel
Tools: Circular saw, drill, jig saw, belt sander
Materials: 1/4"-dia. threaded rod with matching nut and washer, hotmelt glue, 4d common nails, rigid acrylic or plastic.
Note: Measurements reflect the actual size of dimension lumber.