A Bird Feeder


Materials Needed


Tools Needed

How To Make the Bird Feeder

  1. Using 1" x 6" stock, measure and cut the bottom piece 10" long. Cut 1/2" off of each corner as illustrated.
  2. Cut two 12" pieces of stock for the roof. Set the saw blade at 30 degrees and rip each piece leaving the board its original width at the long side of the bevel.
  3. Use the diagram and directions included to make the side pieces.
  4. Using 1/4" x 1-1/2" lattice, cut two pieces the exact width of the 1" x 6" stock. Also cut two pieces 10-1/2" long.
  5. Sand each piece smooth and apply stain and varnish before assembly.
  6. Assemble the bird feeder by first attaching the sides on top of the bottom piece. Next, attach the roof pieces making sure they are centered. Attach the lattice even with the bottom. Be sure to pre-drill all holes.

Directions for making the side pieces:

On a sheet of paper, draw a 2" line (A-A).

Mark the center of line A-A and draw a perpendicular line 8-3/8" long (B-B).

Measure and mark point D at 6-3/4" from where line B intersects line A.

At point D, center a line (C-C) 5-1/2" long parallel to line A-A.

Connect the lines as shown: A-C, C-B.

Now use this pattern to mark and cut the side pieces on your 1" x 6" stock.